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Now Available…Reflected in You by Sylvia Day (paperback release)

Reflected in You in now available in paperback. You can find my review of Reflected in You (Crossfire Series #2)- Sylvia Day –>here.

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Lisa Renee Jones Giveaway

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If I Were You- Lisa Renee Jones

Sexy, exciting, and satisfying…

Her first novel in a new trilogy, If I Were You, has a captivating storyline, steamy sex scenes, and strong character development. Sara’s is on summer break from her teaching career, when her neighbor runs off to get married leaving Sara with the key to a storage unit, that has to be cleaned out. In the storage unit, Sara becomes immersed in this mystery woman’s life.  She has furniture, art, and dark erotic journals, which appeal to Sara on an unknown level, tempting to her to discover where this woman is and what happened to her. As Sara follows the clues, she ends up discovering the Rebecca is living Sara’s dream life, in the art world.

For Sara it is a fantasy come true. She replaces Rebecca at the art gallery, under the mission to discover what happened to her, while at the same time Rebecca’s intimate journals, bring out a hidden desire in Sara. Aroused by the sexy artist Chris, Sara engages in a sexually explosive relationship that has all the push and pull, desire, friction, and range of emotions that a new relationships inspires.

Surrounded by sexy and possibly dangerous men, not knowing if Rebecca came to a deadly finale, and who is responsible, Sara places herself in the middle to discover the truth about Rebecca as well as her own sexual desires. With a well thought out plot and cliff hanging ending, the story leaves the reader panting for more. In a similar genre and style of Fifty Shades of Grey, this novel had better developed characters that had substance and merit as individuals, creative writing, and exciting sex scenes. The relationship between Sara and Chris is tumultuous, but realistic. The supplemental characters added to the story rather than distracted from it, and the pop culture references bought about some fun quirks. Overall, Lisa Renee Jones makes a brilliant start to her newest trilogy with If I Were You.

If I Were You is now Available!!


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Sizzling Sixteen- Janet Evanovich

Medicore for Evanovich

Like most Plum readers I’ve been waiting an entire year for this to come out, and I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t the happiest woman alive either. Evanovich’s books have always been good for curling up in a blanket and enjoying the story. In Sizzling Sixteen, Stephanie has received a lucky bottle from her deceased uncle, but no one is sure if it makes good luck, bad luck, or is just another heavy weapon to add weight to her black leather purse. Mooner is back and so are his Hobbit friends, helping to locate the kidnapped Vinnie who made one too many bad gambling decisions. But as Stephanie, Lula and Connie search for their boss- hey, employment is a big motivator- they stumble across more mysteries than solutions. Luckily for me Ranger is back (yummy) as well as Morelli. The story line is okay and follows the traditional Plum style, the only thing that disappointed me was I didn’t laugh as much as I normally do, the humor was very light in this book and that was a slight let down, I depend on Evanovich’s humor and sexy characters to bring a huge laugh out loud smile to my face. Overall, I couldn’t pass this up book if I wanted too, and of course I don’t. Keep writing and I will gladly keep reading.


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Lean Mean Thirteen- Janet Evanovich

Anther good novel in the series

Our favorite bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum is back again in Lean Mean Thirteen. Stephanie is asked by her friend, Ranger to plant bugs on her ex-husband Dickie Orr. Stephanie does not like Dickie too well, so when she, Lula and Connie give him a visit, it is no surprise that Stephanie and Dickie end up fighting on the floor. Stephanie can’t help herself especially after she learns that Dickie is back in bed with her archenemy Joyce Barnhardt. The following day Stephanie learns that Dickie has gone missing, presumably dead, and their number one suspect is Stephanie. Forced into this situation by Ranger, she joins up with him to try and find out what happened to Dickie and how it ties to his law firm and its cast of suspicious partners. The plot is a little too extravagant, but Janet Evanovich provides some great characters along the way that overall make the story work. As always she fills her pages with scenes that will leave you laughing out loud, including exploding animal specimens and graveyard antics. Plus, she gives us just enough Ranger to have us begging for more or the mysterious and sexy bounty hunter. Fans of the series will not want to miss Lean Mean Thirteen.

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Twelve Sharp- Janet Evanovich

A Climax in the Series

The return of Stephanie Plum, New Jersey’s sassy and sexy bounty hunter in Twelve Sharp is a climax in the series. Stephanie is back to her fast filled FTA retrieval days when she gets a strange visitor, Carmen Manoso. Carmen is outfitted in head to toe black and carries a loaded gun, but her claim that she is married to Ranger is what really sets Stephanie off. Startled, Stephanie tries in vain to reach Ranger, but he is out of town. When Carmen is discovered executed and Ranger’s daughter is kidnapped from Miami, Stephanie is at a complete loss. To make matters worse, Stephanie’s archenemy Joyce Barnhardt has joined Vincent Plum Bail Bonds to help pick up some of the criminals at large. Stephanie is worried about Ranger, until he finally shows up at her door and they discover that someone is attempting to steal Rangers identity. Working together and living together with Ranger to try and catch a crazy man on the loose, helps provide some sexy moments. That is until the other man in Stephanie’s life, Joe Morelli moves in as well. Trying to help rescue Ranger’s daughter and control the tension in her life, Stephanie becomes bait for a killer. The suspense and action will have you panting until the very end, not to mention the sexy scenes. Janet Evanovich, as always also adds some laugh untill you cry moments with some of our favorite characters. The storyline is one of the best, filled with the action and suspense yet perfectly paired with comic relief. Twelve Sharp is by far one of the best novels in the series.

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The Beach House- Jane Green

A Wonderful Approach to Life

Jane Green’s newest novel, The Beach House, is an exquisite blend of the harsh realities of life coupled with the rewards of finding yourself. Full of complex characters, each facing everyday situations like divorce, separation, parenting and discovering whom they really are. Jane Green tells the story of each persons struggle and eventual trip to Windermere, a huge coastal home in Nantucket that breathes new life and friendship to an unlikely cast of characters. The owner of the property is Nan, the community eccentric, who has a real grasp on reality and clearly defines the emotions of those she comes across. Facing the truth of her own money troubles, Nan decides to rent out some of the rooms of her home to guest for the summer in order to keep the home she cherishes. She finds new tenants in Daniel, Daff, and her own son Michael who are going through their own personal struggles. She offers them not only the comfort of a home, but the wisdom that comes wish age and the inspiration of hope that they each lack in their own lives. The build up and foundation of The Beach House is sporadic and lengthy, but later on the in-depth character definitions only add to the complex and twisting plot. Filled with an array of emotions that mimics the real world every person will be touched and inspired with hope by the end. Jane Green is truly at the top of her game and continues to push out amazing novels like The Beach House.

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