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Otto Runs for President- Rosemary Wells

Just  in time for the upcoming presidential election, here is a great read for children.

A great children’s book about elections and what really matters

It is election time at Barkadelphia School and the competition is fierce.  Tiffany a brown poodle is the prettiest and most popular girl, and she wants to win the election, but Charles the bulldog, is the captain of all the sports teams and her biggest competition.

Meanwhile, Otto with the help of his friend Melanie, decides that he wants to run for class president as well. While Tiffany and Charles are busy promoting themselves, Otto talks to all of the students at Barkadelphia School and asks them what they really want.  They desire blankets for nap time, watermelon in the cafeteria, and bigger towels in the gym. Not hairspray and mirrors like Tiffany wants or more meat at lunch and skateboards in the hall like Charles.

Throughout the book, Tiffany and Charles campaign throughout their school until a simple election turns into a contest of insults and smears between the two, while Otto continues talking to his classmates. When the time for voting comes, who will win?

Perfect for the young reader, Otto Runs for President explores the voting process and shows that a good president cannot be won by insults and lies, but by listening to the voters and meeting their needs.

Recommended for readers age 4-8.

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Endangered- Eliot Schrefer

A heart wrenching, action packed novel

Sophie travels to the Congo, where her mother runs a sanctuary for bonobos. Along the way, she meets Otto, a baby bonobo, and instantly connects with the abused and starving creature. Her love for bonobos and the sanctuary that rescues them blossoms as she becomes the adoptive mother a friend to Otto. Then war strikes and Sophie must flee unprepared with her only friend deep into the jungle. She must not only survive, but protect Otto as well. As they trek across the Congo, surrounded by conflict and despair, Sophie and Otto, depend on each other for survival. Paired with an ape that shares 99% of our own DNA, Schrefer beautifully illustrates the relationship between human and animals, and the bonds that can develop.

Amid the horrors of war, Sophie finds love, friendship, and compassion. Through the tragedy of conflict and the poverty of the Congo, Sophie’s character explores kindness and sacrifice, and the depths of emotion humankind can reach when forced to survive.

Well written and thoughtful, Endangered provides a heart wrenching and action packed novel that readers of any age will enjoy.

Recommended for readers age 12-17, Endangered is scheduled for release October 1, 2012, but is currently available from Scholastic in select bookfairs.

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