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Now Available…Reflected in You by Sylvia Day (paperback release)

Reflected in You in now available in paperback. You can find my review of Reflected in You (Crossfire Series #2)- Sylvia Day –>here.

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Every Breath You Take- M.K. Gilroy

A strong female lead paired with an enthralling plot

Returning to Chicago and her job as a detective with the Chicago Police department, Kristen Connor is immediately immersed in a case. A trust fund bad boy, Jack Durham, is dead.  Durham wasn’t a good guy by anyone’s account; he blew his family money on drinking, parties, and women, and not just any women, but high class premium dollar escorts, but dead is dead. With a billionaire as a father- politics, money, and heat from her superiors motivate Kristen to solve this case.

Kristen Connor is a decorated detective, catching one of Chicago’s worst serial killers in Gilroy’s previous novel, Cuts Like a Knife, but her stardom is not going to help her solve this murder. Instead, Kristen must rely on her intellect, martial arts skills, and tenacity to seek out the truth when she goes undercover in the world of the rich and famous, posing as an escort herself. But not everything is as simple as it appears, and the wealthy have a unique ability to hide the truth.

Balancing a rocky romance with FBI hunk Austin, her loving but sometimes suffocating family, coaching her niece’s soccer team, the Snowflakes, attending church, and solving a few murders, Kristen is a busy woman. But she is a strong, smart, and driven female character that compliments the well written plot and twists of Every Breath You Take. Readers are in for some surprises and shocks, and an ending that will leave you waiting for Gilroy’s next novel.

Every Breath You Take is scheduled to be released October 23, 2012


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Lisa Renee Jones Giveaway

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Sizzling Sixteen- Janet Evanovich

Medicore for Evanovich

Like most Plum readers I’ve been waiting an entire year for this to come out, and I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t the happiest woman alive either. Evanovich’s books have always been good for curling up in a blanket and enjoying the story. In Sizzling Sixteen, Stephanie has received a lucky bottle from her deceased uncle, but no one is sure if it makes good luck, bad luck, or is just another heavy weapon to add weight to her black leather purse. Mooner is back and so are his Hobbit friends, helping to locate the kidnapped Vinnie who made one too many bad gambling decisions. But as Stephanie, Lula and Connie search for their boss- hey, employment is a big motivator- they stumble across more mysteries than solutions. Luckily for me Ranger is back (yummy) as well as Morelli. The story line is okay and follows the traditional Plum style, the only thing that disappointed me was I didn’t laugh as much as I normally do, the humor was very light in this book and that was a slight let down, I depend on Evanovich’s humor and sexy characters to bring a huge laugh out loud smile to my face. Overall, I couldn’t pass this up book if I wanted too, and of course I don’t. Keep writing and I will gladly keep reading.


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Lean Mean Thirteen- Janet Evanovich

Anther good novel in the series

Our favorite bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum is back again in Lean Mean Thirteen. Stephanie is asked by her friend, Ranger to plant bugs on her ex-husband Dickie Orr. Stephanie does not like Dickie too well, so when she, Lula and Connie give him a visit, it is no surprise that Stephanie and Dickie end up fighting on the floor. Stephanie can’t help herself especially after she learns that Dickie is back in bed with her archenemy Joyce Barnhardt. The following day Stephanie learns that Dickie has gone missing, presumably dead, and their number one suspect is Stephanie. Forced into this situation by Ranger, she joins up with him to try and find out what happened to Dickie and how it ties to his law firm and its cast of suspicious partners. The plot is a little too extravagant, but Janet Evanovich provides some great characters along the way that overall make the story work. As always she fills her pages with scenes that will leave you laughing out loud, including exploding animal specimens and graveyard antics. Plus, she gives us just enough Ranger to have us begging for more or the mysterious and sexy bounty hunter. Fans of the series will not want to miss Lean Mean Thirteen.

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Twelve Sharp- Janet Evanovich

A Climax in the Series

The return of Stephanie Plum, New Jersey’s sassy and sexy bounty hunter in Twelve Sharp is a climax in the series. Stephanie is back to her fast filled FTA retrieval days when she gets a strange visitor, Carmen Manoso. Carmen is outfitted in head to toe black and carries a loaded gun, but her claim that she is married to Ranger is what really sets Stephanie off. Startled, Stephanie tries in vain to reach Ranger, but he is out of town. When Carmen is discovered executed and Ranger’s daughter is kidnapped from Miami, Stephanie is at a complete loss. To make matters worse, Stephanie’s archenemy Joyce Barnhardt has joined Vincent Plum Bail Bonds to help pick up some of the criminals at large. Stephanie is worried about Ranger, until he finally shows up at her door and they discover that someone is attempting to steal Rangers identity. Working together and living together with Ranger to try and catch a crazy man on the loose, helps provide some sexy moments. That is until the other man in Stephanie’s life, Joe Morelli moves in as well. Trying to help rescue Ranger’s daughter and control the tension in her life, Stephanie becomes bait for a killer. The suspense and action will have you panting until the very end, not to mention the sexy scenes. Janet Evanovich, as always also adds some laugh untill you cry moments with some of our favorite characters. The storyline is one of the best, filled with the action and suspense yet perfectly paired with comic relief. Twelve Sharp is by far one of the best novels in the series.

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Tailspin- Catherine Coulter

Excellent Plot and Character Development

Dr. Timothy MacLean is a psychologist to all the movers and shakers in Washington, but when he is diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and starts leaking confidential information about his patients someone tries to run him down and keep him quiet permanently. After the second attempt on his life, FBI Special Agent Jack Crowne steps in and attempts to fly Dr. MacLean to safety. During the flight, a bomb goes off and sends Agent Crowne and Dr. MacLean to a fiery crash in Parlow, Kentucky. Luckily for both men, Rachael Abbott is there to witness the crash and assist both men in the rescue. Rachael has just discovered that she is the illegitimate daughter of a Senator, who she believes was murdered. Agent Crowe soon learns that Rachael is running away from people who are attempting to murder her as well. With Dr. McLean in a coma from the crash and Agent Crowe determined to protect Rachael from ferocious murderers he enlists the help of Agents Savich and Sherlock. With conspiracy theories, political secrets, dysfunctional families and assassins on the lose Catherine Coulter provides an excellent plot weaved with suspense, mystery and romance. Tailspin is a great addition to Coulter’s FBI series. Written with superb attention to detail and excellent character dialogue Coulter returns after a long absence at the top of her game. The return of our favorite Agents Savich and Sherlock coupled with new highly likeable characters and villains, readers with definitely get their monies worth. High praises for Tailspin.

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