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Sirens- Janet Fox

Unexpectedly fantastic- an electrifying coming of age tale combined with a mesmerizing setting and studded with mystery and romance

With the captivating and beautiful background of New York during the roaring 20’s, Janet Fox’s new novel, Sirens, offers everything readers could want. Women have recently gained the right to vote, and with that independence the desire for more freedoms than they ever had before. Seventeen-year-old Josephine “Jo” Winters is about to graduate high school and has plans to attend college and make a name for herself as a writer. But her father has other plans, and suddenly sends her to live with her aunt and uncle in New York with the objective of finding a husband. Between her father’s mob involvement in a bootlegging operation, and her brother Teddy’s disappearance, Jo realizes that there is more to this sudden move than fatherly concern for Jo’s future.

Unfortunately, Jo’s aunt and uncles home may not be as safe as everyone thinks. Jo’s cousin Melody also has a secret, one she hides behind a “flapper” lifestyle of drinking and partying. Teddy, a war veteran has been gone for a year, suicide, or so everyone believes. Everyone that is, except Jo. She knows his secret, and when Jo gets ahold of Teddy’s journal, as the secrets it holds are revealed, the truth turns dangerous for Jo and everyone she loves.

Louise “Lou” O’Keefe, has fallen in love with mobster Danny Conner. From a life of poverty, as Danny’s “moll”, Lou suddenly has an upgrade in life. The newest clothes, a mansion to live in, all the money from his “bootlegging” operation a girl could desire, and the man she loves. Lou is determined to keep Danny and insure her lifestyle, even if it means eliminating any threats. When Lou and Jo’s path cross, their two lives become tangled in unexpected ways.

Written in alternating chapters from Jo and Lou’s perspective, the truth behind Teddy’s disappearance, a violent political bombing, and Jo’s cousin Melody’s secret slowly unfold. Readers will be enchanted by the brilliant 1920’s New York lifestyle and setting, captivated by the characters, and addicted to the ever twisting plot. Filled with love, loss, and loyalty and an impressive look into the worlds of “flappers” and “mobsters,” Fox weaves a fascinating coming of age tale that speaks to the ever changing role and rights of women during the early 1920’s.

Recommended for readers age 12 and up. Sirens is scheduled for release November  8, 2012.

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Reflected in You (Crossfire Series #2)- Sylvia Day

An Epic, Action Packed, Sizzling follow up to Bared to You

We once again meet up with Eva and Gideon in the second book of the Crossfire Trilogy. Eva and Gideon are still struggling to figure out their intense relationship. At times their relationship is steamy hot and appears to be moving in a forward and healthy way. Then just as suddenly the distance between the two is cold as ice, leaving Eva struggling to figure out the man with so many secrets whom is so deeply damaged inside yet consumes her heart and desires like an addiction.

Stuck in the emotional upheaval, Eva tries to focus on establishing herself as an individual, separate from her tumultuous relationship with Gideon and her bisexual best friend and roommate Cary, by cultivating new friends and relationships in New York. When Shawna invites her to a concert, Eva finds it to perfect opportunity to make a new girlfriend. But Eva’s past is haunting her and Gideon is there to witness the climax of when the past meets the present.

The constant emotional back and forth and secrets, paired with explosive sex scenes, highlights the character development we see in this second novel and proves without a doubt that Sylvia Day has created a trilogy worthy of reading. A violent attack on someone Eva loves, the reappearance of ex’s, and the truth behind some of Gideon’s past is revealed adding greater depth and complexity to both the plot and characters. Day leaves both Eva and the reader guessing what will happen next and if Gideon and Eva’s relationship can survive. Readers will not be disappointed by Reflected in You, only sorry that they will have to wait until the concluding and final novel in the Crossfire series, Entwined with You, which is scheduled for release December 31, 2012.

The e-book edition of Reflected in You is currently available, but the paperback will not be released until October 23, 2012.

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Island of Bones- Imogen Robertson

A well woven plot featuring complicated and charismatic characters

Beginning with a vivid account of the public hanging of Crowther’s brother, Robertson again releases an intriguing novel of suspense and mystery, featuring his beloved colorful characters, the spunky widow Mrs. Harriet Westerman and her dear friend, the reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther.

Set in England in the eighteenth century, an ancient tomb is opened to reveal an extra body. Renowned for his expertise and experience with death, Crowther and his adventurous companion Mrs. Harriet Westerman are summoned back to Crowther’s family estate. As Harriet and Gabriel struggle to discover the identity of the corpse and his murderer from the past, the present provides new challenges, more murders, and a mysterious missing treasure, the Luck of Gutherscale Hall.

Robertson, describes the picturesque town of Keswick and it’s cast of unique characters, from Casper Grace the “cunning-man,” Mr. Askew, the museum’s curator and somewhat historian of Keswick, the Vizegraifin and her son Felix, and Harriet’s own son Stephen, in rich and vibrant in detail that will please fans of historical fiction, but also those who favor mystery and murder. With references to pagan ideology, politics, greed, and relationships, throughout the story, Robertson touches on qualities of human nature and finally reveals the details of Crowther’s haunted past.

Composed of multiple storylines and with references to Westerman and Crowther’s past cases running simultaneously together, Robertson, complemented by his entourage of characters is able to weave a complex and fantastic story with immense skill, that readers new to Robertson will not be lost and followers of Westerman and Crowther can embrace their favorite characters again in Island of Bones.

Island of Bones is scheduled for release October 12, 2012.


My Bookstore : Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop- Edited by Ronald Rice and Booksellers Across America

An anecdotal account of independent bookstores across America and the writers who love them

Much like the bookstores described by the diversified writers, My Bookstore has a unique and random charm. Many readers and writers alike each have a special bookstore we frequent. Like Brian Selznick, mine is Warwick’s in La Jolla, California, and this quirky book confirms why we love them. In a world of point and click buying, ebooks, and instant downloads, a reminder of how many writers got started- from the love and support of independent bookstores , with books made of paper- is showcased in My Bookstore.

Each writer gives a short story, history lesson, or anecdote about an independent bookstore or more and their impact on them as writers.  Some talk of the effect these independent booksellers have had on their success as writers, or as their places of solace and guidance. Others provide a travel guide to little gems across America. One common theme is that it is not just the bookstore itself, but the people who work there that have had the greatest impact of all. From friends to family, counselors to therapist, these booksellers love books as much as the writers love writing them.  Their support and dedication, recommendations and advertising, have supported the writers who pay tribute to them in My Bookstore.

If you are looking for a new bookstore to check out or a unique insight to some of your favorite writers, then My Bookstore is worth reading.

My Bookstore is scheduled for release November 13, 2012


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Every Breath You Take- M.K. Gilroy

A strong female lead paired with an enthralling plot

Returning to Chicago and her job as a detective with the Chicago Police department, Kristen Connor is immediately immersed in a case. A trust fund bad boy, Jack Durham, is dead.  Durham wasn’t a good guy by anyone’s account; he blew his family money on drinking, parties, and women, and not just any women, but high class premium dollar escorts, but dead is dead. With a billionaire as a father- politics, money, and heat from her superiors motivate Kristen to solve this case.

Kristen Connor is a decorated detective, catching one of Chicago’s worst serial killers in Gilroy’s previous novel, Cuts Like a Knife, but her stardom is not going to help her solve this murder. Instead, Kristen must rely on her intellect, martial arts skills, and tenacity to seek out the truth when she goes undercover in the world of the rich and famous, posing as an escort herself. But not everything is as simple as it appears, and the wealthy have a unique ability to hide the truth.

Balancing a rocky romance with FBI hunk Austin, her loving but sometimes suffocating family, coaching her niece’s soccer team, the Snowflakes, attending church, and solving a few murders, Kristen is a busy woman. But she is a strong, smart, and driven female character that compliments the well written plot and twists of Every Breath You Take. Readers are in for some surprises and shocks, and an ending that will leave you waiting for Gilroy’s next novel.

Every Breath You Take is scheduled to be released October 23, 2012


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