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Tony Baloney School Rules- Pam Munoz Ryan and Edwin Fotheringham

A cute book about starting school that every young child should read

It is the first day of school for Tony Baloney. As he gathers up his backpack and his best friend, the stuffed animal Dandelion, Tony Baloney is a little nervous about the first day. His mother tells him he will be fine, but he has a lot to live up to, following his Bossy Big Sisters shadow. Tony Baloney really likes his new teacher, Mrs. Gamboney, who is really nice, and wants to be as perfect as his sister was, but Tony has a hard time following the rules.

In this cute novel, Tony Baloney discovers that school can be really fun and he can shine on his own. The conversations that Tony Baloney has with Dandelion reflect the nervousness that children can experience with the first day of school, the hardship of learning and following rules, and that having someone to talk to can calm the nerves.  Filled with fun illustrations, Tony Baloney School Rules is a great read for children getting ready to start school.

Recommended for readers age 4-7. This paperback book is exclusively priced and available from Scholastic in select book fairs.

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