The Adventures of Captain Underpants- Dav Pilkey

03 Oct

Banned Book Week 2012 Read

In honor the 2012 Banned Book Week, I decided to celebrate in my own special way by blogging a review of one of the books that ranked number 13 out of the banned/challenged books from 2000-2009, and first appeared on the top 10 list of books reported to the Office for Intellectual Freedom in 2004- respectively ranked number 4 (out of 547 challenges) in 2004 and number 8 (out of 405 challenges) in 2005. The reasons Captain Underpants was challenged ranged from offensive language, sexually explicit, anti-family content, and violence, to unsuitable to age group.

What do you think? I present…

The Adventures of Captain Underpants- Dav Pilkey

A fun super silly super hero adventure

George and Harold are two fourth graders who enjoy pulling silly pranks at their local elementary school. Everything from putting bubbles into the bands instruments to sprinkling pepper into the cheerleaders pom-poms. But when their angry principal, Mr. Krupp catches them on video, after their biggest prank of the year, they are blackmailed into punishment.

Desperate to be free, and return to their hobby of writing and illustrating their comics that they sell to their class mates, they send away for a 3-D Hypno-Ring, hoping to use it to retrieve the video that landed them in this situation in the first place. But trouble starts when Harold and George hypnotize their principal into thinking that he is their self-created comic book superhero Captain Underpants, the defender of “Truth, Justice, and all that is Pre-Shrunk and Cottony”.

George and Harold must follow Mr. Krupp who now thinks he is Captain Underpants, in his tighty whities and red cape into the lair of the evil Dr. Diaper, a villain who wants to take over the world. Along the way they must defeat his evil robot companions, change Mr. Krupp back to his former self, return to school, and save the world.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants, is filled with silly illustrations on every page and even features “the world famous cheesy animation technique” flip-o-rama, which allows the readers to animate the action in the story. With a humorous action packed story line, fantastic characters, and an interactive design, Pilkey has created a masterpiece that will provide beginning, chapter-book, and even reluctant readers hours of fun.

Recommended for readers age 7 and up.

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