Bared to You- Sylvia Day

21 Sep

Erotic and intense…leaving you panting for more

Eva Tramell moved to New York with her best friend Cary Taylor to work at the renowned advertising agency Crossfire. Even before her first day at work, Eva literally stumbles into the billionaire owner, and sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on, Gideon Cross. She instantly feels the animal magnetism of him pull her in to the depths of erotic desire, leaving her craving more.

But Eva has a tragic past, an over protective mother, and a best friend who is just as damaged and broken as she is, that makes the titillating yet emotionally intense Gideon completely wrong for her. Despite her protests, Eva’s desire for Gideon might be exactly what she needs, especially when he has skeletons of his own hiding in the closet. Gideon is used to power and control, but Eva is upsetting his normal routine and stimulating emotions in him that he has long since hidden deep within himself. Tumultuous and passionate, their fragile relationship develops as they try to fill a deep seated need that only the other can provide.

Seeking love and trust between one another, their relationship is intense, complicated, and emotional which creates the perfect setting for explosive and fantastic sex, that leaves the reader nearly as satisfied as Gideon and Eva. Sylvia Day has created an addictive read that promises to get even better.

One of the few issues I had with the book was the lack of resolve of the issues between the two characters. Sex was used as a Band-Aid, and while as fantastic as it was, the characters simply passed over issues without coming to any resolutions.

Readers looking for a Fifty Shades of Grey fix should not pass up Bared to You. While there are many similarities between the two books, particularly with the characters, they are two completely different plots with Bared to You having superior writing, better dialogue, and more creative sexual encounters.

The second book in this trilogy, Reflected in You is currently available to purchase as an e-book. You can find my review of Reflected in You (Crossfire Series #2)–> here. The paperback version is going to be available October 23, 2012.

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