Rocket Writes a Story- Tad Hills

18 Sep

Rocket is back in another inspiring and colorful children’s book

From the creator of the New York Times bestseller, How Rocket Learned to Read, comes another book featuring Rocket and his teacher the little yellow bird.

In his inspiring book, Rocket is expanding on his reading skills and writes the words he sniffs out to describe the world around him. Every day the little yellow bird hangs Rockets words in a tree, until one day the tree is full of words. With all of the new words, Rocket decides he wants to write a story, but he has no idea what to write about. The little bird gives Rocket some ideas, and helps Rocket develop his story by adding details and thinking about the characters. Along the way Rocket finds inspiration in a nest high in a tree and a new friend who he can share his story with.
Tad Hills, does an amazing job on the illustrations. The adorable dog Rocket is full of expressions and emotions that complement the great storyline, and illustrate the hardships of writing a story that young children will face. The little yellow bird plays the perfect teacher, giving Rocket all the skills he needs to write a story and the encouragement to do so. Rocket Writes a Story is a great book that will set children on the path of critical thinking and creativity and makes the perfect addition to any classroom or home library.
Recommended for readers age 4-7.

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