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Whatever After: Fairest of All- Sarah Mlynowski

Cute and Fun Fairytale with a Twist

Abby’s brother Jonah discovers a mirror in their basement, but this is no ordinary mirror. After the adventurous Jonah accidently opens the mirrors portal, Abby and Jonah are transported to the middle of Snow White’s fairytale.

Without thinking the pair thwarts the evil Queen’s attempt to poison Snow White with an apple. Great, they saved the day. But wait, if Snow White never eats the poison apple, then she never meets her prince, and won’t get her happily ever after. Oops! Now it is up to Abby and Jonah to set the story straight and make sure that Snow White gets her happy ending, and that Abby and Jonah can make it home before their parents discover they are missing.

Filled with cute adventures, and creative ideas, Mlynowski gives the fairytale of Snow White an inventive twist. Whatever After: Fairest of All is a great beginning to the new Whatever After series.

Recommend for readers age 8-12. You can visit the author Sarah Mlynowski’s at her website,


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