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The Kill Order- James Dashner

A unique prequel to the Maze Runner series

In a prequel to the Maze Runner series, we start just after the sun flares began and wreaked havoc upon earth. Mark and Trina were in New York when it happened. Lucky to escape with their lives, they pair up with Alec, Lana, and a few other survivors and head to the mountains, where settlements of survivors are rumored to exist.

The group manages the trip, and attempt to survive in the horrible heat and nearly desolte planet. Over a year after the initial sun flares, a new disease surfaced, a deadly virus that causes it victims to go crazy and die violently. But there is something suspicious about this new disease, and the rapid way it spreads, killing everyone in its path.

After the disease ravages their settlement, and they realize that it is mutating, the group seeks a cure and the truth about where the disease really came from. The truth; however, might be more devastating than the disease itself. With humanity on the line, Mark and Trina are in a race against time and death.

Told from the point of view of Mark, and intertwined with flashbacks to the beginning of the sun flares, The Kill Order is an action packed and emotionally intense novel. Each of the characters has their flaws, but their human qualities and friendship among one another leave the reader turning the pages waiting for the conclusion and paving the way for the story of WICKED, the Glade, and Thomas’s quest in the Maze.

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