Ungifted- Gordon Korman

29 Aug

A unique and comical story about fitting in and finding friendship

Donovan Curtis is the troublemaker of Hardcastle Middle School and can often be found at the creation of mischief and chaos. But one day he goes too far, his prank causes damage that no amount of detention will solve. But due to a mistake, rather than punishment, Donovan is sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a school for the gifted and talented students.

It is the perfect hide out, where no one would think to look for him, but he is completely out of his element, surrounded by peers who’s IQ are off the charts. He tries to fake his way to acceptance, but soon everyone is on to him. Donovan is not gifted at all, he’s normal. But despite his rather normal IQ, Donovan offers the students at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction something they can’t learn at school, and exactly what they need.

Written in short chapters, each from the view of several different characters, Korman creates a great storyline decorated with unique students, teachers, and events. Ungifted is as much about growing up and trying to fit in as it is about friendship in the most unlikely circumstances.  As the author of over 70 novels, Korman does not disappoint.

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