My Bookstore : Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop- Edited by Ronald Rice and Booksellers Across America

15 Aug

An anecdotal account of independent bookstores across America and the writers who love them

Much like the bookstores described by the diversified writers, My Bookstore has a unique and random charm. Many readers and writers alike each have a special bookstore we frequent. Like Brian Selznick, mine is Warwick’s in La Jolla, California, and this quirky book confirms why we love them. In a world of point and click buying, ebooks, and instant downloads, a reminder of how many writers got started- from the love and support of independent bookstores , with books made of paper- is showcased in My Bookstore.

Each writer gives a short story, history lesson, or anecdote about an independent bookstore or more and their impact on them as writers.  Some talk of the effect these independent booksellers have had on their success as writers, or as their places of solace and guidance. Others provide a travel guide to little gems across America. One common theme is that it is not just the bookstore itself, but the people who work there that have had the greatest impact of all. From friends to family, counselors to therapist, these booksellers love books as much as the writers love writing them.  Their support and dedication, recommendations and advertising, have supported the writers who pay tribute to them in My Bookstore.

If you are looking for a new bookstore to check out or a unique insight to some of your favorite writers, then My Bookstore is worth reading.

My Bookstore is scheduled for release November 13, 2012


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