Every Breath You Take- M.K. Gilroy

14 Aug

A strong female lead paired with an enthralling plot

Returning to Chicago and her job as a detective with the Chicago Police department, Kristen Connor is immediately immersed in a case. A trust fund bad boy, Jack Durham, is dead.  Durham wasn’t a good guy by anyone’s account; he blew his family money on drinking, parties, and women, and not just any women, but high class premium dollar escorts, but dead is dead. With a billionaire as a father- politics, money, and heat from her superiors motivate Kristen to solve this case.

Kristen Connor is a decorated detective, catching one of Chicago’s worst serial killers in Gilroy’s previous novel, Cuts Like a Knife, but her stardom is not going to help her solve this murder. Instead, Kristen must rely on her intellect, martial arts skills, and tenacity to seek out the truth when she goes undercover in the world of the rich and famous, posing as an escort herself. But not everything is as simple as it appears, and the wealthy have a unique ability to hide the truth.

Balancing a rocky romance with FBI hunk Austin, her loving but sometimes suffocating family, coaching her niece’s soccer team, the Snowflakes, attending church, and solving a few murders, Kristen is a busy woman. But she is a strong, smart, and driven female character that compliments the well written plot and twists of Every Breath You Take. Readers are in for some surprises and shocks, and an ending that will leave you waiting for Gilroy’s next novel.

Every Breath You Take is scheduled to be released October 23, 2012


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