The Lightning Thief- Rick Riordan

10 Aug

Myths and Heroes come to life

Percy Jackson always gets into trouble. He thought it was his ADHD and dyslexia that made school hard, but it turns out that Percy is actually a demigod. His mother is mortal and his father is one of the Big Three- Poseidon. So during a field trip to a museum, when Percy’s teacher attacks him in monster form, he discovers that he has a lot to learn about himself.

Percy is taken to Camp Half-Blood, where all the other demigods (aka heroes) go to train. He discovers his best friend Grover is a satyr and his Latin teacher is actually a centaur and he meets a beautiful warrior, Annabeth, who just happen to be a daughter of Athena. With his world already turned upside down, Zeus accuses Percy of stealing his lightning rod on behalf of his dad. To prevent a war, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover set out on a quest to find the stolen lightning rod. Along their quest they meet other gods, mythical creatures, and have some exciting and dangerous adventures.

Rick Riordan weaves an thrilling story, combining Greek mythos and the modern world. Imagine the gate to Hades lies in Los Angeles and Mount Olympus above the Empire State Building. Even without a background in mythology, Riordan brings the gods to life and provides a great storyline packed with adventure and excitement.


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