Sizzling Sixteen- Janet Evanovich

08 Aug

Medicore for Evanovich

Like most Plum readers I’ve been waiting an entire year for this to come out, and I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t the happiest woman alive either. Evanovich’s books have always been good for curling up in a blanket and enjoying the story. In Sizzling Sixteen, Stephanie has received a lucky bottle from her deceased uncle, but no one is sure if it makes good luck, bad luck, or is just another heavy weapon to add weight to her black leather purse. Mooner is back and so are his Hobbit friends, helping to locate the kidnapped Vinnie who made one too many bad gambling decisions. But as Stephanie, Lula and Connie search for their boss- hey, employment is a big motivator- they stumble across more mysteries than solutions. Luckily for me Ranger is back (yummy) as well as Morelli. The story line is okay and follows the traditional Plum style, the only thing that disappointed me was I didn’t laugh as much as I normally do, the humor was very light in this book and that was a slight let down, I depend on Evanovich’s humor and sexy characters to bring a huge laugh out loud smile to my face. Overall, I couldn’t pass this up book if I wanted too, and of course I don’t. Keep writing and I will gladly keep reading.


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3 responses to “Sizzling Sixteen- Janet Evanovich

  1. Scribbler

    August 9, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Plum makes me die with laughter. I was reading it in a public setting once, and started laughing so hard. People were staring at me like I was crazy. 🙂 I’m only at 4 though 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

    • baseballvalbooks

      August 10, 2012 at 2:09 am

      Janet Evanovich makes me laugh out loud all the time…often resulting is funny glances. Enjoy, books 1-12 are my favorite in the Plum novels, but also try her earlier romance, they are also funny, quick reads.
      Ciao, baseballvalbooks

      • Scribbler

        August 10, 2012 at 4:26 am

        I definitely will. She always comes with a smile 🙂

        Adieu, scribbler (Love the Ciao 🙂 )


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