Tailspin- Catherine Coulter

07 Aug

Excellent Plot and Character Development

Dr. Timothy MacLean is a psychologist to all the movers and shakers in Washington, but when he is diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and starts leaking confidential information about his patients someone tries to run him down and keep him quiet permanently. After the second attempt on his life, FBI Special Agent Jack Crowne steps in and attempts to fly Dr. MacLean to safety. During the flight, a bomb goes off and sends Agent Crowne and Dr. MacLean to a fiery crash in Parlow, Kentucky. Luckily for both men, Rachael Abbott is there to witness the crash and assist both men in the rescue. Rachael has just discovered that she is the illegitimate daughter of a Senator, who she believes was murdered. Agent Crowe soon learns that Rachael is running away from people who are attempting to murder her as well. With Dr. McLean in a coma from the crash and Agent Crowe determined to protect Rachael from ferocious murderers he enlists the help of Agents Savich and Sherlock. With conspiracy theories, political secrets, dysfunctional families and assassins on the lose Catherine Coulter provides an excellent plot weaved with suspense, mystery and romance. Tailspin is a great addition to Coulter’s FBI series. Written with superb attention to detail and excellent character dialogue Coulter returns after a long absence at the top of her game. The return of our favorite Agents Savich and Sherlock coupled with new highly likeable characters and villains, readers with definitely get their monies worth. High praises for Tailspin.

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