Lean Mean Thirteen- Janet Evanovich

07 Aug

Anther good novel in the series

Our favorite bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum is back again in Lean Mean Thirteen. Stephanie is asked by her friend, Ranger to plant bugs on her ex-husband Dickie Orr. Stephanie does not like Dickie too well, so when she, Lula and Connie give him a visit, it is no surprise that Stephanie and Dickie end up fighting on the floor. Stephanie can’t help herself especially after she learns that Dickie is back in bed with her archenemy Joyce Barnhardt. The following day Stephanie learns that Dickie has gone missing, presumably dead, and their number one suspect is Stephanie. Forced into this situation by Ranger, she joins up with him to try and find out what happened to Dickie and how it ties to his law firm and its cast of suspicious partners. The plot is a little too extravagant, but Janet Evanovich provides some great characters along the way that overall make the story work. As always she fills her pages with scenes that will leave you laughing out loud, including exploding animal specimens and graveyard antics. Plus, she gives us just enough Ranger to have us begging for more or the mysterious and sexy bounty hunter. Fans of the series will not want to miss Lean Mean Thirteen.

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