Ten Big Ones- Janet Evanovich

06 Aug

One of the Best

This tenth installment of the Stephanie Plum novels is by far one of the best. Stephanie Plum, New Jersey’s notorious bounty hunter and her sidekick Lula are out to lunch when the witness the Red Devil robber in action. Stephanie’s ability to identify the Red Devil quickly makes her a target for the vicious street gang the Slayers. Soon after, her boyfriend Trenton detective Joe Morelli informs her that the Slayers have recruited Junkman from the west coast to murder her, as she is at the top of his hit list. Morelli’s protective nature and Italian ego instantly put the two head to head and Stephanie declares her intention to move out. The gang crimes are escalating and Stephanie fears for her own life as well as the lives of her friends and family. On the outs with Joe and with no safe place left to hide, Stephanie turns to the one man who is capable of protecting her, Ranger. The only problem is that Ranger is incognito, but he did loan her his truck, which also happens to include the keys to his private apartment. Stephanie finds herself living lush in Ranger’s seductive home but fears the consequences that will arise when he returns home. Beyond having a price on her head, Stephanie has to deal with her sister’s engagement and the wedding plans rolling forward. Sally Sweet reappears and is officially declared the wedding planner. Running short on time, patience and sexual exploitation Stephanie constructs a plan to remove herself from Junkman’s hit list before he gets to her. Ten Big Ones is a stellar book, and exciting read. In classic Evanovich style, the writing is superb, the plot is miraculous and the emotions run right off the page. Packed with humor, suspense, passion and action Ten Big Ones proves that Janet Evanovich is at the top of her game. Readers will want to reread this book over and over and enjoy it each time around.

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