Eleven on Top- Janet Evanovich

06 Aug

Another Stellar Performance

Janet Evanovich gives her readers another stellar performance in the eleventh Stephanie Plum novel. Stephanie has already received two threatening notes as has decided to give up in the bounty hunter business. She hands over all of her current FTA’s to her former partner Lula and takes a job at the button factory. She manages to get fired before she even starts ands seeks employment elsewhere, including the Kan Kleaners and Cluck-in-a-Bucket. Of course, her stalker continues to track her down and works on destroying several of her cars along the way. Torn between the crazy life of her old career and her new employment, Stephanie is in a role reversal with Lula and becomes her sidekick. Riding shotgun with Lula, Stephanie finds herself in the mix of an old crime where several of the players have mysteriously disappeared. After spotting Spiro, the undertaker’s son, Stephanie is convinced that he is her stalker and is tied to the missing men. Unsuccessful at her new career attempts, Stephanie finds herself working for RangeMan, her studly and sexy bounty hunter friend Ranger’s company. He current boyfriend, Joe Morelli is not too happy with his girl spending so much time with Ranger, but knows that at least he will protect her. Eleven on Top is a well-scripted mystery and comedy all in one. The suspense hangs in the air till the final pages and the lead up to the finale is amazing. The struggle for Stephanie between the two men in her life will leave reader rooting for their favorite man. Eleven on Top is just as amazing as her first novel; One for the Money and readers will rush through the pages to finish. Our favorite characters like Lula and Grandma Mazer provide the comic relief necessary between the steamy storyline. Excellent work by Janet Evanovich who gives her readers nothing less than perfection.

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