Close Case- Alafair Burke

05 Aug

Nothing Spectacular but a good read and addition to the Samantha Kincaid Series

Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid returns in her third outing, Close Case. Samantha’s cop boyfriend Chuck Forbes has officially become her shack up honey. Everything is going well in her world, until the brutal murder of Percy Crenshaw, a local and famous African American crime reporter. To make matters worse, a white cop is accused of murdering a black unarmed female. Tensions run high as Samantha is forced to merge her relationship with a cop, who sides with his cop pals, with her responsibilities as an attorney, and satisfying the needs of a racially divided city. Between catching murders and prosecuting a cop, Samantha is making enemies left and right, and destroying valuable friendships along the way. New character, Heidi Hatmaker, colleague and friend of the now deceased Perry Crenshaw, dives into his files to determine if the next big story he was working on contributed to his murder. She pairs with Samantha and the two of them race against the clock to catch the real bad guys. The plot in Close Case is a little wobbly, jumping from one story to another.  The climax and conclusion are so abrupt attempting to tie everything together that it appeared rushed, sloppy and slightly disappointing. The character development and the social and romantic issues where very solid and helped to keep the book afloat. The new characters and returning of others gave the book a feel of James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series, just maybe not so successfully. Close Case hit some great parts but completely missed others; altogether it was a good read and a nice addition to series

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