Naughty Neighboor- Janet Evanovich

04 Aug

An Enjoyable Read

If you’re looking for a unique set of characters, a mild mystery and spicy sexual tension, you’ve come to the right place. Louisa Brannigan has the most obnoxious and rude neighbor. He steals her morning paper, parks in her spot and his phone rings at all hours of the night. Despite all of his flaws, Pete Streeter is a fine male specimen, and that is what creates such an internal battle for Louisa. When her car is demolished by a bunch of thugs and she loses her job as a Congressional aid to Senator Nolan Bishop, she teams up with Streeter to get to the bottom of the conspiracy that led to it all. A missing pig! Filled with flirtation, a simple plot and zany mystery, Janet Evanovich gives her fans a very enjoyable read. A precursor to the successful Plum series, Naughty Neighbor contains all the aspects that make Evanovich such a successful writer and a pleasure to read: a sassy female lead, a chauvinistic yet sexy male, a simple mystery and sexual tension spread throughout the pages. Naughty Neighbor is a quick read, perfect for the beach or a night alone.

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