Dough: A Memoir- Mort Zachter

04 Aug

A Fun Look at Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

In this memoir, Morton reflects back on the lives of his family members and the Store, a day old bread and cake bakery in Brooklyn, New York. Morton’s two uncles, Harry and Joe are truly wonderful and colorful characters, both single and unique, who run the Store along with Morton’s mother. The Store plays an important roll in the lives of everyone in the neighborhood and holds wonderful memories for Morton. When his Uncles’ start to age and pass on, some of the long held family secrets get revealed, including the fact that this hard-working immigrant family happens to be filthy rich. This creates many, mixed feeling for Morton, who has struggled all his life financially. From a childhood most would consider poor and bleak to putting himself through college, struggling with the cost of the adoption of his children, and the loss of his job. But as Morton reflects back in time, he realizing that his uncles were not being stingy, but are helping to shape him into the man that he has become. Ironically, even after Morton discovers his newfound riches, he still walks in the shoes of his uncles, not spending anything and saving intensely. Learning the life lessons of the true value of life, love and family, not money works its way through the pages by an excellent narrative. Zachter provides a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory classic storyline, highlighted with strong religious and family tradition. He gives his readers glimpses into the past as he digs through the remains of his uncles cluttered apartment. The addition of actual postcards and letters provides truth and quality to the story, as does Morton’s realization of his own mimicking actions and thoughts. The overall layout of the memoir was wonderful, as was the writing. The jumping between the past and present worked very well. The vast amounts of religions ritual and jargon, were a little difficult to get through if Judaism is not your own faith, but overall added to the appeal of the story. Dough is a fine memoir.

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