High Profile- Robert B. Parker

03 Aug

A quick and pleasant read

High profile opens with the body of a man found, riled with bullet holes and hung from a tree, in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. When the body is identified as famous talk-show host Walton Weeks, police chief Jesse Stone and his team work to find the killer. They soon discover his young pregnant lover, murdered in the same fashion and thrown into a dumpster, sending the police into a more complex and wild plot. This high profile crime becomes engrossed with media attention and political pressure leading to a long list of colorful characters and suspects. While the mystery of the crime remains weaved throughout the novel, the focus is more on the relationships between Jesse, his ex-wife Jenn and current girlfriend Sunny. The strong emotional conflicts and drinking scenes seem to drag on and ultimately fill up space on the pages. The quirky dialogue and personality of the characters is interesting and fun often providing some laugh out loud moments. The mystery in itself is intriguing providing some great scenes and twists to the plot along the way; however, the ending is too predictable and lacks the luster it needed. Overall, High Profile simply a quick and pleasant read.

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One response to “High Profile- Robert B. Parker

  1. Stan R. Mitchell

    September 5, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    I love Robert B. Parker. He’s one of the best, IMO.


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