The Bone Garden- Tess Gerritsen

02 Aug

An Exquisite Masterpiece

A perfect blend of old and new with a complex combination of love, hope, despair and courage. Julia Hamill, recently divorced and angry purchases the former residence of Hilda Chamblett. The old house is in extreme need of repair, similar to Julia’s own life and she welcomes the house as well as the stories it has to tell. While trying to grow a garden in the rough soil, she comes across the skull of a woman whom was murdered years ago. The bones lead Julia to 89-year-old family Historian Henry Page, uncle to her newly discovered and attractive neighbor Tom Page. As Julia meets with Henry and devours the collection of newspaper articles and letters, she is brought back to Boston in the 1830’s, and the story of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Norris Marshall, and Rose Connolly. The tragedy, heartbreak, and mystery surrounding the story of the West End Reaper, flow seemly across the pages in rich and vivid detail making connections to the bones from Julia’s own backyard. The storyline expertly weaves between the past and the present, filling the pages with such detail the reader becomes emotionally attached to the characters and their lives. The similarities in life that stretch across time are conveyed so well that each person will find appeal within The Bone Garden. Tess Gerritsen uses the power of her words and the story she describes to captivate her readers and give them all their monies worth. A worthy read deserving of the highest praises.

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