Up Close and Dangerous- Linda Howard

01 Aug

A Mild Mystery, Major Romance

Bailey Whitgate was both married and widowed within one year and left in charge of a multi million-dollar trust fund for her two stepchildren who whose sole priority is to make her life miserable. In an attempt to escape the drama, Bailey embarks from Washington on a two-week river-rafting trip to Denver Colorado. She is paired with Cam Justice as her pilot to ferry her across the air.  Cam had made it clear that he dislikes Bailey and she returns the sentiment. While crossing the mountains the plane experiences some serious problems and both Cam and Bailey crash on top of a snow covered mountain. Left with little options Bailey drags an injured Cam from the destroyed aircraft and aids to his serious head injury. Stuck on the top of a mountain with the realization of sabotage and no hope of rescue, Cam and Bailey work together to help themselves and along the way Bailey gives more of herself to Cam than she ever has to anyone else before. Set in snow, Linda Howard provides some hot and steamy scenes between the two leading characters and strings along a minor mystery. Up Close and Dangerous is a good read, the main characters are highly developed and intense and the minor characters are very interesting but do not play an important to the story. The book lacks a strong mystery and would be better classified as a romance.

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