The Lace Reader- Brunonia Barry

01 Aug

Not What You Expect

The author set the stage perfectly in this amazing book, “My name is Towner Whitney. No, that’s not exactly true. My real name is Sophya. Never believe me. I lie all the time.” Towner Whitney had a rough life, at seventeen her twin sister died leaving Towner hospitalized to undergo shock therapy. Soon afterward, Towner leaves Salem and moves cross-country to California.  When she receives news of the death of her Great Aunt Eva, Towner makes the dreaded trip back home after a fifteen-year absence. Her return sparks lots of emotions and gossip and the story begins to unfold. The telling of a family history of the women in the Whitney family, who live life quite differently from everyone else and have a unique magical ability to read lace. Interwoven into the story is the background of Towner and her twin sister. Adding to the story is the random disappearance of a young woman tied to the family by strings unknown.  The author manages to captivate the audience with her potent descriptions of Salem and its history. Layering and adding multiple stories, giving select information and perceptions to the reader, and throwing twists and turns around every corner, the final chapters explode into perfection. The Lace Reader is quirky and unique in its own way, but the style the author uses makes it a must read for anyone looking for something just off center. High praises for The Lace Reader and Brunonia Barry

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