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Now Available…Change the World Before Bedtime

Change the World Before Bedtime- Mark Kimball Moulton, Josh Chalmers, and Karen Good is now available for purchase!

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Bones are Forever- Kathy Reichs

Another exciting Temperance Brennan novel

Reichs again strikes gold, or diamonds, with her latest Temerance Brennan novel. Back again in Montreal, the discovery of three dead babies hidden in secret alcoves of an apartment send Brennan and her partner, Lieutenant-dètective Andrew Ryan on the search for their missing mother. Seeking a prostitute is not as easy as one might think, and their search leads them from Montreal to Edmonton where they pair up with Brennan’s one time ex-lover, Sergeant Oliver Hasty.

The discovery of another body, a drug dealing violent pimp, and a still missing mother lead the group from Edmonton to Yellowknife, deep in the Far North of Canada. Once the center of a gold rush, Yellowknife now is home to diamond mines, and controversy over the environmental concerns of the caribou. To make matters worse, old murders come to life, family scandal muddles the investigation and war wages over drug control, leaving more death and mystery for Brennan, Ryan, and Ollie.

Reichs expertly fills the pages with fast moving action, solid forensics, and a wide assortment of colorful characters, as a vivid plot unfolds leading to a dramatic climax. Fans of Brennan will enjoy the history, scenery, and the mystery weaved into Bones are Forever.

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Ungifted- Gordon Korman

A unique and comical story about fitting in and finding friendship

Donovan Curtis is the troublemaker of Hardcastle Middle School and can often be found at the creation of mischief and chaos. But one day he goes too far, his prank causes damage that no amount of detention will solve. But due to a mistake, rather than punishment, Donovan is sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a school for the gifted and talented students.

It is the perfect hide out, where no one would think to look for him, but he is completely out of his element, surrounded by peers who’s IQ are off the charts. He tries to fake his way to acceptance, but soon everyone is on to him. Donovan is not gifted at all, he’s normal. But despite his rather normal IQ, Donovan offers the students at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction something they can’t learn at school, and exactly what they need.

Written in short chapters, each from the view of several different characters, Korman creates a great storyline decorated with unique students, teachers, and events. Ungifted is as much about growing up and trying to fit in as it is about friendship in the most unlikely circumstances.  As the author of over 70 novels, Korman does not disappoint.

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Now Available- Bones are Forever

Bones are Forever by Kathy Reichs

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Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy- Tui. T. Sutherland

Exciting new fantasy series with creative characters

Sutherland creates a new and exciting world for readers in her newest series. Seven dragon tribes are currently at war, fighting for power to determine who among the three sisters will be the Queen. During the war a prophecy was foretold, that five dragonets will rise to decide the new ruler. The Talons of Peace an underground group hoping for an end to the war, collected the five dragonets foretold of in the prophecy, and have raised them underground, in a hidden cave.

But not all of this mismatched group of dragonets, who have been secluded since birth, want to or believe in their predetermined destiny. And when the five escape their underground cave and begin the quest to seek their homelands, both the dragonets and the dragon world are in for some surprises.

Enhanced by the pictures and brief summaries of the different dragons, a map, and the prophecy included in the book, the magnificent dragons and their variety of homes come to life. But more than just the adventure of the dragonets, it is their morals and personality that really connect with the readers and make Wings of Fire a great read. Readers seeking a new adventure and a cast of characters to love and support will enjoy Wings of Fire.

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Now Available…If I Were You

If I Were You- Lisa Renee Jackson

Is now available for purchase…yay!!!!

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Island of Bones- Imogen Robertson

A well woven plot featuring complicated and charismatic characters

Beginning with a vivid account of the public hanging of Crowther’s brother, Robertson again releases an intriguing novel of suspense and mystery, featuring his beloved colorful characters, the spunky widow Mrs. Harriet Westerman and her dear friend, the reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther.

Set in England in the eighteenth century, an ancient tomb is opened to reveal an extra body. Renowned for his expertise and experience with death, Crowther and his adventurous companion Mrs. Harriet Westerman are summoned back to Crowther’s family estate. As Harriet and Gabriel struggle to discover the identity of the corpse and his murderer from the past, the present provides new challenges, more murders, and a mysterious missing treasure, the Luck of Gutherscale Hall.

Robertson, describes the picturesque town of Keswick and it’s cast of unique characters, from Casper Grace the “cunning-man,” Mr. Askew, the museum’s curator and somewhat historian of Keswick, the Vizegraifin and her son Felix, and Harriet’s own son Stephen, in rich and vibrant in detail that will please fans of historical fiction, but also those who favor mystery and murder. With references to pagan ideology, politics, greed, and relationships, throughout the story, Robertson touches on qualities of human nature and finally reveals the details of Crowther’s haunted past.

Composed of multiple storylines and with references to Westerman and Crowther’s past cases running simultaneously together, Robertson, complemented by his entourage of characters is able to weave a complex and fantastic story with immense skill, that readers new to Robertson will not be lost and followers of Westerman and Crowther can embrace their favorite characters again in Island of Bones.

Island of Bones is scheduled for release October 12, 2012.