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Hard Eight- Janet Evanovich

Great Read, Full of Spice

If you were left holding your breath or picking your jaw off the floor at the conclusion of Seven Up, then you are in for a real treat in Hard Eight. Fugitive Apprehension Agent (aka Bounty Hunter) Stephanie Plum is back trying to make the streets of Trenton, New Jersey a little safer. Her parents neighbor Mabel Markvitz approaches Stephanie to try to enlist her help to find her daughter Evelyn and her granddaughter Annie. Mabel fears this has something to do with Evelyn’s ex-husband Steven Soder. Unfortunately for Stephanie, she soon learns that Steven’s business partner Eddie Abruzzi wants something from Evelyn too. Abruzzi declares war on Stephanie, leaving his goons to make her life miserable and dangerous. Stepanie, Lula and Evelyn’s attorney Albert Kloughn are on the hunt for Evelyn, Annie, and the FTA Andy Bender. After losing several pairs of handcuffs, a few cars not to mention a rabid rabbit on the loose Stephanie is forced to enlist the aid of Ranger, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire. Ranger is more than willing to help and collect on his debt, which leaves Stephanie panting and nervous. Not to mention Joe Morelli, her on again off again boyfriend/ fiancé etc. around every corner. Once again Janet Evanovich uses well-executed storylines and witty character narratives to pull the reader on an exciting roller coaster. Full of laughs, twists and a night alone with Ranger, Hard Eight delivers everything the reader wants and then some.

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Missing Justice- Alafair Burke

Well Executed

After a short hiatus from a grizzly attack, Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid jumps right back to work on the case of missing judge Clarissa Easterbrook. While rumors float around about the disappearance, the discovery of Clarissa’s battered body lands Samantha on her first capital case. The evidence leads Samantha and the detectives to Melvin Jackson, a poverty stricken single father battling the system. While the evidence points to a sure conviction, a few lose strings quickly unravel into an explosive plot and a wide variety of suspects. The scandals involving corruption, politics, adultery and even Samantha’s own father arise in this well put together novel. The quick twists and well-executed yet surprising climax make this novel a great read.

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