Fearless Fourteen- Janet Evanovich

30 Jul

Stephanie Plum, New Jersey’s fun and feisty bounty hunter is back in another exciting read. Stephanie is attempting to apprehend Loretta after she jumped bond. Unfortunately, Loretta is unable to get released from jail and Stephanie and Joe Morelli, her hunky boyfriend are left responsible for her son Mario, better known as the Zook, who carries a striking resemblance to Joe himself. Soon after Stephanie arranges for Loretta’s release she disappears, along with her brother Dom Rizzi, known throughout the burg for his bank robbery committed years earlier. Rumors float that Dom, stashed the millions in money from the bank robbery with Joe’s Aunt Rose, who passed away and left Joe her home, in which he now resides. Stephanie is on a quest to reunite Zook with his mother and discover the truth behind the backstabbing bank robbers before it is too late. Along the way, Stephanie’s faithful friend and sidekick Lula makes an important announcement, she is engaged to Tank. As the bridal magazines and wedding shopping get underway and out of control you will be fully entertained and captivated. The return on Mooner and the introduction of Gary the stocking psychic and Brenda singer, actress, and newest tail on Stephanie’s trail will keep the pages turning as well as the smile across your face. Luckily for readers who get hot flashes at the thought of Ranger, the SWAT clothed, muscular, mystery man, he makes an appearance. And with a job offer for Stephanie that has her keeping late nights with Ranger and his crew. Stephanie is trying to keep the bodies from piling up, the poachers from digging up the yard, and her hands to herself in Fearless Fourteen. Janet Evanovich once again combines an amazing storyline and twisting plot with lovable characters that will leave her readers begging for more

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