The Elite by Kiera Cass


In the sequel to The Selection, America Singer is now one of 6 girls left competing for the affection of Prince Maxon and the title of Princess of Illéa, she is an Elite.

Though Prince Maxon has made his feelings for America obvious, she still is on the brink of deciding between wanting to be with Maxon, or her first love, Aspen. With Aspen now a guard both Maxon and Aspen, that make her indecision understandable, if not a little taxing on readers.

Like The Selection, the first book in the trilogy, The Elite offers a more in-depth look at the life of royalty in this dystopian society and Cass begins to reveal some of the history that led to the dissolution of the United States and the creation of Illéa. Of course since this is a competition we have cat-fighting and tension between the remaining girls and the invasion of rebels into the palace creates dramatic action and has America wondering what the rebels are really after.

Cass does a great job of setting the stage for the third book, and many surprises lay in store for readers, making them questions if they should root for Prince Maxon or Aspen to win America’s heart. The third installment will determine if this series has the staying power or will fall short of high expectations.

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The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Set in a dystopian America, society is divided into a caste system where9780062059949_p0_v1_s260x420 your lifetime occupation is determined at birth and few are privileged. The only opportunity for escape from the struggles they face on a daily basis is The Selection. A competition between 35 girls selected from each of the areas across America, to compete to win the heart of the gorgeous Prince Maxon and become a princess.

For most girls and their families, The Selection is a chance of a lifetime; but, for ironically, America Singer, being chosen among the Selected would be a nightmare. America doesn’t want the glittering gowns and priceless jewels. She would rather hope for a happy married life with her secret boyfriend Aspen, who is a caste below her and try not to get caught.

When America is selected and meets Prince Maxon, she learns that the plans she originally had might not be what she really wanted after all, and the life she always dreamed of might be lacking in compared to a future she is gradually beginning to imagine.

A Hunger Games meets The Bachelor; Kiera Cass set the stage perfectly for her trilogy. Hosting a strong female lead, two completely different males fighting for her heart, and a backdrop of political undercurrents and violence, The Selection is my top pick for YA in 2013.


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St Viper’s School for Super Villains: The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery- Kim Donovan

St Viper’s School for Super Villains: The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery- Kim Donovan172790492

Demon Kid has goals, and at the top of his list is being the best super villain at St. Viper’s School for Super Villains. Unfortunately for Demon Kid, all the other super villains in training have the same aspirations and right from the start, Demon Kid has a slew of enemies. Apparently, being surrounded by evil geniuses in training creates the perfect background for rivalry.

Luckily, Demon Kid also makes a few friends and with their help, hopefully Demon Kid can survive not only his newly developing arch enemy Chill, but also the difficultly of mastering World Domination.

Kim Donovan creates an amazing story, with a rich storyline, unique characters, and Super Villains, that is filled with enough action to keep even the most reluctant readers interested. Littered with funny and detailed drawing throughout the pages, St Viper’s School for Super Villains makes a great addition to any school or personal library and a great start to a new series.

Recommended for readers ages 7 and up.

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I’m back…

Well I have been away from reviewing (or at least posting the review here) for what seems like forever.

Yay. I am excited to announce that I am back and will begin posting reviews again.

This has been an extremely hectic year so far. Moved, been working far too many hours and overall, life just got in the way of everything else.

I am excited to be back, and have a bunch of reviews to follow.

Thanks for being so patient with me!


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Been away for awhile….

Hi everyone,


Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’m currently in the middle of a move and working like crazy. I will be back to posting after the holiday, including- Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell and a few others.


Stay posted and thank you for your patience. 



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